Sanctuary by Greenfiber® is the first all-in-one product that can be loose-filled, dense-packed or spray-applied to get the job done quickly.

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The first all-in-one product that can be loose-filled or spray-applied, Sanctuary is engineered with high-grade cellulose for cleaner application and is extremely versatile and easy to use. Using your blower or ours, you’ll get foolproof coverage in seconds and your customers will get insulation that brings greater peace, comfort and safety to their home.


  • Install with Ease

    Sanctuary can be blown in over old, ineffective insulation defect-free without callbacks.

  • Provide Your Customers with Sanctuary

    Sanctuary can reduce sound power by up to 60%.¹ That means a quieter, more peaceful home and happier clients.

  • Better for Your Customers

    With Sanctuary, your customers can save up to 25% in heating and cooling costs.² And satisfied customers will be more likely to recommend you.

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After years of dedicated research and development, we’re proud to offer the first all-in-one cellulose insulation that can be loose-filled, dense-packed or spray-applied. Sanctuary by Greenfiber is suitable for all climates and conditions, makes project planning easier and breaks up easily for optimized coverage. Whether used as attic insulation or installed in walls, ceilings or floors, it dramatically affects any home and, better yet, the people who live there.

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LEED Green
Building Certification

To earn certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, projects must not only satisfy all LEED system prerequisites, but also earn a minimum number of credits.

Greenfiber meets five significant criteria used in the USGBC LEED certification ratings system:

  • Improve building durability
  • Rental machine accessories list
  • Conserve energy and electricity
  • Reduce demand for raw material
  • Improve indoor environmental quality

When applied properly, Greenfiber’s fiber insulation products will contribute materially toward earning points in an LEED certification for LEED Green Building Design and Construction Rating System (BD + C) and LEED for Homes Rating System.

You can read more about Greenfiber’s insulation contribution points here. You can also read a detailed report about Greenfiber insulation products and LEED projects and a case study of Greenfiber insulation in a LEED Gold Certified Building.

UL Certifications

Product Designation Applicable Fire-Resistive Design(s)
FRM (Fire Rated Material) U370, U377
SANCTUARY, INS735, INS745, INS770LD G524, L521, L528, L546, L576, L582, M509, M512, P522, U023, U032, U036, U040, U053, U305, U309, U311, U317, U321, U326, U330, U331, U333, U338, U339, U340, U341, U342, U344, U354, U355, U356, U398, U403, U411, U412, U420, U425, U426, U428, U429, U434, U435, U436, U438, U440, U460, U462, U463, U465, U466, U467, U469, U470, U471, U477, U478, U495, U498, U499, U528, U622, U646, U647, U648, U651, V302, V303, V401, V410, V414, V416, V421, V455, V472, V481, V493, V495, W405, W419
INS510LD P522, U032, U036, U305, U309, U311, U317, U321, U326, U330, U331, U333, U338, U339, U340, U341, U342, U344, U354, U355, U356, U398, U528, V302, V303