Our new Sanctuary® product can be loose-filled, dense-packed or spray-applied so that you are prepared to tackle any job at any time and keep your customers happy long after the job is done.

Customers are becoming increasingly selective about the products they introduce into their homes and lives. As the world gets louder, busier and more hectic, they’re more and more focused on wellness, comfort, safety and peace. Working with Sanctuary, you’ll stay ahead of the trend, delivering unparalleled value and comfort to your customers, all while ensuring defect-free installation every time without callbacks.

  • Install with Ease

    Unlike roll or batt alternatives, Sanctuary is engineered to fill every gap, void and hard-to-reach place without time-consuming cutting and fitting. Sanctuary can be loose-filled, dense-packed or spray-applied into walls, floors, ceilings and attics. Depending on your climate zone, it works well in cathedral ceilings or floor joists in basements. And, Sanctuary can often be installed over existing insulation without removing the old, letting you reach the necessary R-value with little to no fuss.

    Install with Ease
  • Enhance Comfort

    Sanctuary is engineered to fill the tiny joints, crevices and gaps hidden within walls and ceilings, creating a dense, scientifically advanced barrier capable of muffling sounds that typically infiltrate and reverberate through homes. Proven to reduce the power of sound by 60%1, Sanctuary is specifically designed to keep the racket of the outside world out. So as you enhance customers’ comfort by improving exterior wall insulation and helping equalize temperatures throughout their home, you’ll also be elevating their peace and quiet.

    Enhance Comfort

    Sanctuary is made with up to 85% recycled postconsumer paper material that’s free from unhealthy substances such as formaldehyde and asbestos. In addition, when used as attic insulation or installed in walls, ceilings or floors, it can help reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 25%.² Being kinder to pocketbooks and the planet are two things your customers will appreciate long after the job is done.

  • Provide Peace of Mind

    With a Class 1A fire rating, Sanctuary contains active fire-resistant materials and is 57% better at resisting fire3 than most other common types of residential insulation. Sanctuary qualifies as a fire-blocking material, and in a large-scale fire test, it lasted 68 minutes, 60% longer than fiberglass batts³ — making Sanctuary the best choice to protect your customers and those they love.

    Provide Peace of Mind
  • Our Promise

    Every bag of Sanctuary cellulose insulation comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Each shipment is tested to ensure the highest standards, and all results are recorded with our quality management system. We also meet UL Classified, Platinum LEED® and Energy Star® certifications.

    Our Promise

Our Certifications

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  • Greenfiber Certification
  • Greenfiber Certification
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