News, Wellness / 06.01.20

No Place Like Home

The world is changing, and the odds are that this change will only be accelerated by these unprecedented events that continue to unfold. Now, more than ever, homes should feel like sanctuaries. Safe spaces for families to connect and just be. Greenfiber® believes that by reducing unwanted noise, we can help bring life back into balance.

The spaces we insulate, and live in, all have unique sounds. Bedrooms may have big windows, vaulted ceilings and under-insulated walls. They may be sealed off from the outside, and people may think that they are quiet … but are they? With Greenfiber insulation dense-packed or spray-applied in the walls, you can reduce the power of sound in homes by 60%.

“Greenfiber is engineered to fill the tiny joints, crevices and gaps hidden within your attic, walls, floors and ceilings. Highly effective as sound insulation, it serves as a scientifically advanced barrier capable of muffling sounds that typically infiltrate and reverberate through our homes,” Greenfiber president Shane Short told BOSS Magazine.

Installing Greenfiber in exterior walls also makes it easier to regulate temperatures from floor to floor and room to room so that you can get added comfort while saving money on your heating and cooling bills year-round.

“With the launch of SANCTUARY® insulation comes a greater, lasting sense of well-being. Imagine what that can mean to homeowners,” Short told BOSS Magazine.

The new SANCTUARY Home platform allows Greenfiber to bring builders a new way to differentiate themselves in their local markets and build homes that promote happiness and well-being, making their homes more attractive to buyers.

While exciting new brand platforms are one thing that sets Greenfiber apart, sustainability is another.

“Our insulation is made with 85% recycled postconsumer paper that is specifically treated for fire resistance and uses low-energy manufacturing and short-haul transportation to offer an environmentally responsible choice for professional insulation contractors and homeowners,” Short said.

Greenfiber’s carbon-neutral manufacturing process diverts 160,000 tons of paper from landfills each year, which saves 2.72 million trees per year and 14 million cubic feet of landfill space. You could fill 8,000 semitrucks with paper diverted from landfills!

In addition, using paper from natural fibers such as trees to turn into Greenfiber cellulose insulation means that this product, which is mostly paper, reduces carbon released into the environment. 

“Just by moving from building materials that have high-embodied energy like mineral wood, brick cladding and vinyl windows to products that have lower-embodied energy like cellulose, wood cladding and aluminum windows, you can go from building homes that are carbon positive to carbon negative,” he said.

Not only is Greenfiber spreading the word about the importance of insulation, but the product is also innovating what insulation does for people.

“Most homeowners are more interested in finishes, floors and countertops, but it is what’s behind the walls that really makes a difference in the experiences that people are having in their homes. Insulation has never been at the forefront of the conversation, but we’re about to change that with the launch of SANCTUARY by Greenfiber,” Short said.

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