So you have to insulate?

Greenfiber makes it easy.

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See how many bags you’ll need. We promise it’s not brain surgery.

Sure, there are things you’d rather do. But for the one weekend you’ll spend blowing Greenfiber on top of the old insulation in your attic, you’ll get a lot more comfort and save money all year. Plus, you’ll get added fire resistance and noise protection for your home. Bet you didn’t know insulation could do that.

Greenfiber does more for your home.

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  • Save up to 22% on your energy bill.¹

    We think you’d rather spend it on something else.

  • Absorbs 90% of all sounds.²

    Greenfiber’s noise control helps you tune out the garage band next door.

  • 57% better at resisting fire.³

    When every second counts, Greenfiber can give you more time to get out.

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If walls could talk, they’d recommend Greenfiber.

Across the US and Canada (and it gets really cold there), we’re the energy-saving, cost-effective, smart insulation choice. We’re also the leader in cellulose insulation, making it easily available for use in attics, walls and floors throughout the home.

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¹ Based on a University of Colorado study (1990) comparing cellulose and fiberglass batt insulation in identical structures during the winter season. Savings vary. Find out why in your retailer’s fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.

² Based on STC ratings on complete assemblies using staggered drywall construction with Greenfiber Wall Spray Cellulose Insulation. Architectural Testing, Inc., Report No. A2954.01-113-11

³ As demonstrated by The Large Scale Outdoor Fire Test Program - Prepared by Steven Winter Associates Inc.

⁴ According to Brookhaven National Laboratory

⁵ According to Oak Ridge National Laboratory