News, Sustainability / 06.28.17

In on the ground floor of sustainable architecture.

You may not know it, but Greenfiber insulation is made of up to 85 percent recycled material. Yep, we probably should brag a bit more about the sustainability of our product and manufacturing process. So when we were tapped by Studio 804 Inc., a nonprofit group that researches and develops sustainable, affordable and inventive building solutions, we couldn’t help but feel proud that they’d chosen us as a partner. A project in the University of Kansas Department of Architecture’s Master of Architecture program for graduate students, Studio 804 has been wowing sustainable design since 1995, so they know their stuff.

This past year, our donation of insulation to Studio 804 helped these soon-to-be architects design and construct a LEED® Platinum-standards three-bedroom, two-bath home that truly looks like no other home you’ve seen before. You can see it here . All aspects of design and construction were done by the students during their nine-month academic year — from working with code officials to installing the blow-in Greenfiber cellulose insulation. Located in an urban infill neighborhood in East Lawrence, Kansas, the home is low cost, ADA compliant, and energy-efficient. And when they say “high design,” they’re not exaggerating. It’s incredible.

We were honored to be part of their story this year, because as you know, Greenfiber cellulose insulation works hard to make sure homes everywhere reduce energy consumption. Join us in giving a shout-out to this group of talented architecture students for their amazing creation. And if you have a minute, take a look at Studio 804’s past projects. They might even give you some ideas for your next project.