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It may not be the best topic for small talk, but the more you learn about Greenfiber, the smarter you’ll be about how to use it and all of the reasons you should. Check out the documents, step-by-step instructions, videos and more below.

Some helpful information

How-to & other videos

  • How to Install Greenfiber Insulation

    This video will help you determine your project needs and successfully installing the product.
  • How to Calculate your R-Value with Greenfiber

    R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness of material.
  • Big Burn Demo

    Fire-treated cellulose insulation can provide over 50% more fire resistance than traditional fiberglass insulation.
  • Calibrating the Machine

    This video will show you how to calibrate the machine and reach the desired densities when installing in walls.
  • Dense-Packing a Wall Cavity

    This video will show you how to dense-pack a wall cavity using a 1-hole method with a nozzle.

Technical documents & brochures

  • SANCTUARY Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheets
    250.18 KB | PDF
  • INS200 Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheets
    506.46 KB | PDF
  • FRM Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheets
    411.59 KB | PDF
  • INS506 Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheets
    621.89 KB | PDF
  • INS765 Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheets
    540.03 KB | PDF
  • INS550 Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheets
    710.89 KB | PDF
  • INS515 Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheets
    869.62 KB | PDF
  • INS541LD Fact Sheet
    Fact Sheets
    1.07 MB | PDF

Useful Tools

  • Project Checklist

    Not sure what else you need for your insulation project?

    Download PDF
  • Insulation Calculator

    Here's an easy way to find out how many bags you'll need to get the job done.

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