Nicer for people and animals

INS200 AgriTherm All Borate-Treated Blow-In Insulation

Designed specifically for agricultural structures, this formula delivers superior R-value vs. other insulation. Non-corrosive, it’s perfect for metal buildings and exceptionally effective in low-pitch roof construction. Since it’s also made to absorb sounds and smells, it provides added comfort for animals, farmhands and neighbors. All of this formula is treated with boric acid, it's great for harsh climates. NOTE: For use in non-residential structures.
  • Bag Size: 30 lb
  • R-Value: R-13 - R-60
  • Coverage: 58.5 sq ft / bag at R-19
Image of INS200 AgriTherm All Borate-Treated Blow-In Insulation

Technical Documents

  • INS200 Agritherm Attic Card 2.94 MB | PDF
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 239.02 KB | PDF
  • Superior Sound Control with Greenfiber Insulation 303.77 KB | PDF