Cellulose Insulation / 04.06.17 How cellulose insulation gives you unmatched fire protection.

If you’ve ever seen how quickly flames can spread, you know it’s pretty unbelievable. We’re not exaggerating to say that every second really does count in getting out of your house if there’s ever a fire.

And that’s where Greenfiber cellulose insulation comes in because it can make the critical difference when it counts the most. That’s for two reasons: 1) its density helps delay flames from spreading and 2) it’s treated with a fire-retardant chemical. Now, we’re not big on chemicals, and we love the fact that our cellulose insulation is free of things like formaldehyde and asbestos. But when it comes to fire protection, we think it’s well worth it to add a non-toxic chemical that can help protect you and your family (and we include Sparky and Felix in that category).

Here’s how effective our insulation is: The Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute conducted The Big Burn demonstration comparing the fire resistance of a non-insulated structure, a fiberglass-insulated structure and a cellulose-insulated structure. The dense fiber structure and fire retardants in cellulose insulation slowed the spread of fire through the building, proving to be 57 percent more fire resistant than the structure insulated with fiberglass, giving occupants more time to escape and firefighters more time to save the structure. Don’t believe the hype? See it for yourself. Watch The Big Burn