For professional contractors’ wet spray wall applications.

INS735 All Borate-Treated Stabilized Spray-In Insulation

Stabilized, high-density, all-borate formula is optimized for wet spray wall applications. This formula is also specially treated for harsh climates. It can also be used in other wet spray applications. However, for loose-fill applications, INS745 may yield better coverage. NOTE: A special machine is needed for application.
  • Bag Size: 30 lb
  • R-Value: R-13 - R-60
  • Coverage: 52.8 sq ft / lb at R-19
Image of INS735 All Borate-Treated Stabilized Spray-In Insulation

Technical Documents

  • INS735 Attic Card 2 MB | PDF
  • SDS - Stabilized Borate Formula 113.25 KB | PDF
  • Greenfiber Insulation Guide - Planning & Instructions 377.96 KB | PDF
  • Thermal Performance 1.37 MB | PDF
  • The Greenfiber Advantage in New Home Construction 150.34 KB | PDF
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 239.02 KB | PDF